An Important Update to Giving

Church Family,

This month, we are excited to announce an important update to giving at SHBC! As you know, your generosity and financial partnership with us is how we are able to help expand the Kingdom, by ministering to our local community and all around the world.

We value our church family and want to make sure everyone at Sequoyah is aware of this exciting new giving platform, which allows for simple giving through a variety f ways, including mobile and online.

Of course, if you prefer to give through cash, or check, you can continue to do so; but we wanted you to be aware of a new and faster way to give at SHBC.

You can try it out and even setup an account, if you’d like!

To start, you can:
Visit our church website at and click Give at the top of the page.


Text shbctul to 77977, on your phone.

We’ll be explaining more about this in the coming weeks, so make sure you’re here, and feel free to ask us any questions that you have!

Much Love,