Family on Mission

Church Family,

We’ve been looking at being a “Family on Mission” over the past few weeks in our worship gatherings, and I want to encourage you to consider again two questions:

Who is discipling (fathering/mothering) me, and helping me grow up into Christian maturity?

Who am I discipling (fathering/mothering), and helping grow up into Christian maturity?

The truth is that each of us, in the family, function as spiritual “kids” to some, and spiritual “parents” to others. Or, to put it another way: we are “Timothys” to some, and “Pauls” to others. Who is your “Paul?” And, who is your “Timothy?”

We’ve been designed to live together as a family who develops and nurtures each other into spiritual adulthood. How is that going for you? How are you being discipled? And how are you discipling others? Are you fulfilling the Great Commission to “go and make disciples?”

I encourage you to ask the Father, “Who is a Paul to me?” and then begin to imitate them, as they imitate Christ. I also encourage you to ask the Father, “Who is a Timothy to me?” and then invite them to imitate you, as you imitate Christ.

There is much to do as a Family on Mission! Come join us!

Much love,

Pastor Jamie