Message From Pastor Jamie

This New Year of 2016 is a gift from the Father to us! He is giving us another year to grow and develop and learn how to be His children in our community. This next year, I believe Abba wants to teach us about being a “Family on Mission.”

We are the “family of God” through the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf. We are adopted into this new family and are automatically signed up for the “family business,” which is missions. 2016 will be a year of learning how to be a “Family” that does “Mission” together!

So, we have two important areas of growth and challenge for us in 2016. Please plan to pray and be involved in these two things:

First, every “first Friday” we will be gathering at the church for Family First Fridays (F3). This is an opportunity to grow together as individual families AND as a corporate family of God. Also, this will be a safe place to invite neighbors, friends, and our community to come and join us as family.

Second, our LIFEgroups will be challenged in 2016 to consider what “mission” the Father wants each group to embrace, and what “people group” He has already planned for our groups to reach. On Sunday, January 24th, after worship, we will have a potluck lunch and time to consider the “mission” of each of our LIFEgroups. All LIFEgroup leadership is asked to attend, but anyone can come and join us for this time.

Let’s come together as the unified Family of God at Sequoyah Hills, and consider together what it means to be “on mission.” 2016 will hold great adventures and opportunities to grow together – don’t miss it!

Much love,

Pastor Jamie