Our Vision, Mission and Purpose

Jamie Moore Directory picIf you missed worship this past Sunday (2/23), then I encourage you to go online to the church website (or iTunes), download and listen to the message, “Our Vision, Mission, and Purpose Statement.” This sermon explains our new statement and presents some implications for change that we should consider. Here is our new statement:

A Gospel-Centered Community of Worshippers
Making Disciples of All Nations
For the Glory of God

This is God’s Vision, Mission, and Purpose for Sequoyah Hills Baptist Church, and it is our responsibility to prayerfully follow close to Him. So, to encourage us in our pursuit of intimacy with God, I will be preaching a 4-Week sermon series entitled, “What is Prayer?” from March 2nd to 23rd.

This series will offer practical steps and encouragement regarding our relationship with the Father, Son, and Spirit, and will culminate with a 3-Day, Church-Wide fast. We will begin the fast on Sunday, March 23rd after worship, and break the fast on Wednesday, March 26th with a special worship and prayer service in the Sanctuary at 6:00 pm.

I know what you’re thinking, “Jamie, fasting?! Really?! I don’t want to do this!” But, church family, our Lord Jesus taught us to fast and expects our hungering desire for Him to be greater than our desire for a burger or a cheese coney!

Let us learn together about prayer, fasting, and intimacy with our God over the next few weeks and see what our Father has to tell us about Himself! Join me, as we fast together to seek God’s glory and presence and enjoy a special time of celebration, prayer and worship on Wednesday, March 26th in the Sanctuary!

Much love,
Pastor Jamie