Praying In The New Year

Church Family,
This last year, 2013, was an eventful one for our church! We have successfully navigated through a Pastor Search process, finished paying off our REACH debt, and have said goodbye to the Branson family after 8 years of faithful service. As we look at 2014, what will God do in our midst this year? Are you anxious to see what He has prepared for us? I am, and I pray that you are, too! How can we prepare for God’s will in 2014? What can each of us do individually to be prepared for God’s will? Let me suggest the following:

  1. Recommit yourself to prayer – we have much to pray for this year.
    Please continue to pray:
    a) for revival and renewal in our church
    b) for God’s Spirit to be manifest among us
    c) for the lost around us to come to faith in Jesus Christ
    d) for discernment as we begin a Minister of Education search
    e) for wisdom to follow God’s plan for our Church
  2. Recommit yourself to daily Bible reading – very little spiritual growth will occur if we are not reading the Word of God regularly. I encourage you to begin a Bible Reading plan for 2014. Contact the church office for some suggestions, or check out the following:
    a) Bible Gateway website:
    b) ESV Bible Reading Plans:
    c) For an excellent (and free!) Study Bible, check out:
  3. Recommit yourself to your Church Family-we need each other to fulfill all God has for us in 2014! God has no plans for “Lone Ranger” Christians; we simply will not grow more like Christ without each other. We need each other’s Spiritual Gifts to grow together in Christ -likeness! We need eachother’s presence in worship and LIFEgroups to encourage and challenge one another!

May 2014 be a year of unity and growth as we commit ourselves to prayer and God’s Word!

Much love,
Pastor Jamie